1. Q: Difference between ready to eat and ready to cook food

A: Ready to Eat means that a buyer may safely eat the product without cooking it. Ready to Cook means that the food or material inside the packet is semi-cooked and must cook it satisfactorily before to consume it.

2. Q: How healthy are processed foods like "ready to cook" pancakes or Upwas Bhajni?

A: Health Rich ready to cook food are healthiest because it is preservative-free and zero artificial colors.

3.Q: Is ready to cook soup is healthy for kids?

A: Yes, it is completely healthy for kids because it is preservative-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colors..

4.Q: Is ready to cook meal taste is different from normal homemade food?

A: Healthrich food products are as tasty as home food and healthiest.

5.Q: What are some good cooking hacks for people that don't cook?

A: Healthrich ready to cook food don’t need any perfection for cooking because of all instant gravy premix product. The healthrich are best ready to cook meals in Pune, Mumbai.

6. Q: How do I get my food ready?

A: We deliver our meals chilled so your food is ready when you are. Each meal comes with simple cooking instructions. And delicious food will be in your mouth in under 5 minutes.

7. Q: What food would you suggest for those who don't know how to cook?

A: Health Rich ready to cook food because it is easy to cook, healthy and natural food.

8. Q: How long can we use these products?

A: Please refer to the expiry period mentioned in all our products.

9. Q: What do you eat when you have nothing to eat?

A: Health Rich food products only take 5 minutes to cook. If you feel hungry,Health Rich is the best option.

10.Q: Are any instant soups healthy?

A: Healthrich Ragi soup is full of nutrients and fiber.

11 Q: Can we cook ready-to-cook Indian food (upma, khichadi) in electric rice cookers?

A: Yes, Healthrich (ready to cook and instant mix) Indian food like poha, upma, Khichadi in the rice cooker as you have to follow the instruction given in pouch about the exact time of food preparation and amount of water they need.

12.Q: What is ready to cook food?

A: Ready to cook food means the food is not cooked only the ingredients are semi-cooked and you need to follow the steps to prepare it appropriately.

13 Q: Ready to cook Soup is healthy?

A: Yes, ready to cook soup is healthiest as you get to eat more fiber with nutrients. Having not anything but a bowl of soup can also make one graceful. Our Instant soup packets make you energized and full for a few hours.

14.Q: Are ready to cook packed food products wax-coated ?

A: Health Rich ready to cook packed food products are available not wax- coated. usually, the wax is applied to fruits in order to prevent moisture loss.

15 Q: Can I use this product partly?

A: Yes, You can. Make sure to pack it properly after using it.

16. Q: Do I need to keep them in the refrigerator once opened?

A: Our ready to cook food products are safe at any dry place.

17. Q: Can I cook it in Microwave?

A: Our each product cooking method is given on the pouch. Our ready to cook meal is preservative-free.