Healthy Ready to Cook Pan Cake for Kids

Nothing is healthier & better than a sweet start to your morning. With the classic and easy breakfast pancake, we all adore beginning the day.

How to make Pancakes

Making Pancakes is the extremely easiest option for hunger. Pancakes are good for breakfast/snacks/Dinner for kids or any age group. As pancakes are made up of multigrain flour. Healthrich pancakes are very healthy as it is made up of oats/Bran/Wheat. Simply make a batter by adding enough water and pour on the pan. Your Pancakes are ready. This is a very healthy and instant Ready to Cook option for everyone.

Being Creative

Cooking is an art. Every individual is very unique and very innovative. Everyone has its own choice to alter food taste. Exactly considering this psychology of human Healthrich come up with the different flavor of pancakes. Healthrich Ready to Cook Pan Cake Mix is easily available in a retail shop. Usually, Pancakes are bland in taste. We have to take either maple syrup or honey or whipped cream on top. Then only it is ready for eating. But Healthrich Pan Cake Mix has its flavor and taste. Without adding anything on top its taste is “YUMMY”. All Healthrich pancakes flavors are healthy for kids and baby too. All pancake Mix are very healthy and nutritious.

Healthrich has unique flavors in Pan Cake Mix

Vanilla with Choco chips Pancake Mix

Usually, kids love chocolate very much. They preferred to have chocolate in various food items. Healthrich has its very unique and kids loving flavor i.e. Vanilla with choc chips. Even though it has choc chips in it, the pancake base is very much healthy content like Wheat/Oats/Bran. Which is a great source of protein and dietary fiber?

Carrot & Oats Pancake Mix

Healthrich has another wonderful flavor in pancake mix i.e. Carrot& Oats. This has high nutrients and good health. This can be a wide choice of kids as well as all age groups. Carrot is a source of a multivitamin, mainly vitamin A and a high amount of Fiber. Healthrich carrot pancake has a high amount of dehydrated carrot which helps to enhance the taste and increases the nutritional value. This pancake has a wheat-bran-Oats base. Ingredients such as carrot and bran are fiber-rich.

Jaggery & Cinnamon Pancake Mix

Healthrich has one more flavor in Pancake Mix i.e. Jiggery with Cinnamon. Healthrich has used chemical free Jaggery in Pancake Mix. This is a really good option for those who are having a sugar issue. Along with Jaggery Cinnamon works very fantastic taste. Cinnamon has immense antibacterial properties within it. This flavor is also having wide acceptance from all age groups. Jaggery is a high source of iron. This pancake is iron-rich as we use chemical-free jaggery. It is a good source of Iron. Who has a deficiency of Iron surely consumes even every day. Healthrich Pancakes are the best and easy pancakes for everyone. Instant Ready to Cook Pan Cake Mix is a healthy and easy snack option.

Kids Friendly Recipes

All the time mommy's presence in the kitchen is may not possible in the day to days hectic schedule. Even though in the presence of elder sometimes kids would like to leverage their cooking skills. In such a case if the cooking methodology is simple very easy it will give more happy feelings to kids to do some recipe. Healthrich Pan Cakes are the best example for kids to make their snack or breakfast and make them independent kids.

Healthrich Pancake recipes are very simple. It is a very easy Pancake recipe for kids. It is only two-step recipes. Simply add water and pour the pancakes on the pan that’s it. It’s very safe and quick. Parents can easily allow their kids to experiment in the kitchen as it's not at all tedious activity involve.

Healthrich pancakes are healthy breakfast/snack items. They can be used for kid's tiffin’s to make your job easy. Healthrich pancakes are protein and fiber-rich as they have bran and oats. Wheat base Pancakes are more soft/fluffy even though they become cool. All Pancake mix is eggless.

Healthrich pancakes are wheat-Bran-Oats base. This basic contain provides high nutritional values and energy. All kids liked Vanilla & Choco-chips pancake. This Pancake is a good option for all age groups as it is very soft/Fluffy. Even after a couple of hrs, it is very fresh without changing its texture.

Healthrich food products are healthy or Junk confused?

Usually, people had a typical image in their minds about packet food. Normally packet food has a high amount of preservatives/color/chemical etc. Which may be harmful to kids or anybody sheath. Healthrich Ready to Cook is an emphasis on dehydration and reduces the moisture from the food and preserves the same. As applying this dehydration technique Healthrich is achieved to maintain homemade taste as well as able to provide nutritious food. As all Ready to Cook products are free from preservative it smells exactly fresh homemade food. It doesn’t have any kind of sour smell like any other packet in which preservatives are included once the packet is open. Avoiding any chemicals in food results in safe food. Anyone who can consume such food in huge quantities is not at all harmful for health.

This is not at all junk food as we are used to eating our traditional breakfast items like Poha/Upma/Misal/Shevai Upma/Sheera. Healthrich has converted the same traditional items into dehydrated Ready to cook breakfast items with homemade traditional taste.

There are also ready to cook Lunch items like Instant Masale Bhat/Instant Veg Pulav/Instant Tawa Pulav/Instant Traditional Moong dal Khichadi

All the above items need to simply add water and heat. It will give you great aroma as you expected and definitely will remind you of homemade cooking taste.

Even in Ready to Cook dessert items like Moong Halwa and Prasad Sheera are made from pure cow ghee. It’s extremely delicious and rich.

The entire range of Healthrich Ready to Cook products is Junk free also it is very nutritious and tasty. All Healthrich Ready to Cook Products is available in Pune city.

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Archana Pethkar

Founder, Healthrich Enterprises