Ready to cook Ragi Soup- Ragi is a rich source of minerals & Protein Content

Soup isn't only useful for the spirit; it is useful for your body. Regardless of what sort of soup or stew you hunger for, a warm bowl of soup can help bolster your well being and prosperity in various manners. Our ready to cook Ragi soup is a sound and heavenly "super food".

Ragi is a rich source of minerals & Protein content

Ragi or Nachani also know as Millet is a cost-effective source of various nutrients. Ragi is a very good source of Protein in vegetable diet. One cup of entire Ragi Flour gives about 16.1 grams of fibre. This fibre will save you more full for a more extended time and evade you from binge consuming food. Ragi flour being wealthy in insoluble fibre helps simple assimilation and subsequently abate constipation. Ragi is wealthy in Magnesium which improves insulin reaction by bringing down insulin resistance. Having extremely low magnesium will bring about the pancreas not discharge enough insulin to control our blood glucose. Nachani flour is a good source of Vitamin B1. It is also helping in preventing wrinkles and skin diseases. Finger millet has been found to act against a number of bacteria. Ragi has phenol content and antioxidants which are important factors in preventing ageing.

Considering all above nutrients in Ragi Flour Healthrich is come up with Ragi Soup which is easy & healthy soup recipe for all age group. As Healthrich is always emphasis on non-adulterated food the same is applicable for Ragi Soup too.

Kids Friendly Soup

There are ample of variety is available in the market in soup section. Out of it few are only tongue taster but less nutritious value. Few soup packets have lot of preservatives so it may not be good for health. Healthrich Ragi Soup is good for kids as it is Preservative/Chemical/Colour/taste enhancer free.

Healthrich Ragi Soup is perfectly suitable for babies too. If you’re just starting out on solids, this is an ideal food to see how your baby takes to ragi. One of the healthiest grains that you must incorporate into your child’s diet is ragi. Healthrich Ragi Soup is a great choice for growing kids as they need high amount of calcium, the calcium content of ragi is extremely high, and hence, is beneficial for your child’s developing bones. It helps mitigate the risk of bone fractures and eliminate the need for calcium supplements. Healthrich Ragi Soup is a best diet along with any food to your kids. Usually it has been observed that there is problem of anaemia in the all age group of kids due to not having balance diet. Natural iron present in ragi can help prevent anaemia in children.

Healthrich Ragi Soup is free from artificial starch which results in easy digestion. It has perfect balance of spices and good combination of milk-based Ragi soup. It is very easy to cook. Instant Ragi Soup is very easy recipe needs to add only water and heat two minutes on gas. Even kids themselves can make it without waiting for mom.

Healthy Soup for Weight Loss

Everyone likes to be fit and energetic all the time and throughout life. Due to changing of life style in respect with increasing junk food in diet gradually we put up day by day. Increasing weight continuously may result in many complexities in our body.

Healthrich Ragi Soup is Gluten Free. Gluten is one of the major factors in weight gain. Ragi functions as an extraordinary wellspring of fibre with regards to individuals going after for weight reduction. It helps in controlling Diabetes in the body while ensuring that the person is healthy and strong. Healthrich Ragi Soup is free from any artificial starch which results in to high source of calcium and iron and prevent from saturating fats in the body. Our ready to cook ragi is very low calories Soup. Simply adding water and heat the same will be possible at anywhere. Kids who are facing early obesity or elders who have an excessive weight Healthrich Ragi Soup is a healthy and very easy option for them that they can include in their everyday diet. This can be good & healthy soup for dinner too. It can be concluded that the inclusion of Healthrich Ragi Soup can help in holistic growth and well-being of an individual, which further leads to a healthy body and mind.

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Archana Pethkar

Founder, Healthrich Enterprises