Pack your bag with Healthrich products

Must have for healthy and tasty food while on the move. Healthrich ready to cook products can make your journey easy,nonchalant and exuberant.

Travelling is a hobby nurtured by everyone and why not make your travel special by having the best food. Healthrich Ready to Cook products are of utmost utility for trekkers,business travellers and travellers in general.

Especially for vegeterains and vegans who are restricted to eat certain types of food,these products will help you in satisfying your hunger without much efforts.

These products will also help you in eating the food of your choice. Having these products for your lunch and dinner may vanish your feeling of home sickness if any. So enhance your travelling expereince by carrying Healthrich Ready to cook products.

These products are light weight and wont occupy much of the valuable space in your bag.Not only do they occupy less space but save a great amount of your priceless time and would also save you the efforts of exploring different hotels and getting good quality food. Having these products handy in your bag make your travel tension free and help you in availing more time for your travel.

These products are extremely easy to cook and would require minimum efforts.Healtrich ready to cook products would require about 2-3 minutes of heating until the product gets cooked.This would require appliances like a microwave or a gas stove or an electric kettle.

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Archana Pethkar

Founder, Healthrich Enterprises