Far from home but close to homely food

Healthrich Ready to Cook - A homely Taste

I am a student studying overseas. On one of my trip to India I came across Healthrich Ready to Cook products which have been my best friends since that time whenever I visit India, Healthrich products are surely on my travel list. These products have been an integral part of my life and I cannot imagine what I would have done wothout therse products. These products are tasty and free from any preservatives,additives,artificial colour and hence extremely safe. These products save my valuable time whenever I have exams or submissions over the weekend.

These products are healthy to eat which relieves my parents from the constant stirring tension of 'what I would eat if I get no time to cook'? or will I get healthy food overseas, away from home? These products have a homely taste which remindsmeofmy mothers cooking. These delicious products make me feel at home even if I am a hundred miles away. They have a homely feeling which makes them all the more special.

Healthrich Ready to Cook Products are easily available and also do not occupy much space in your bag. Healthrich products are light in weight,easy to handle and can be carried effortlessly. Healthrich Ready to Cook products is the best option for all students studying abroad and especially those who are vegetarian.

Healthrich Ready to Cook products have added flavour to my life and I urge all the students across the globe try these out.

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Archana Pethkar

Founder, Healthrich Enterprises