Ready to cook healthy food

Healthrich Enterprises started with the obective to provide preservative free packaged food that is easy to cook. With this in mind, we started our journey to define our products.

In addition to provide natural food, we wanted to make sure that it has homely taste. Healthy food has great taste and zero artcificial colors. Our products are useful for everyone from working women, students, business traveleers to seior cititzens.

Healthrich has wide range of Ready to Cook Breakfast items in the basket, which are useful for our daily busy schedule like Kanda Pohe, Umpa Mix, Shevai Upma Mix, Misal ,Sheera.

Healthrich also has excellent options for daily kid’s tiffin menu which can be made in a minute with high nutrients and health. We have variety of Pan Cakes which is made from WHEAT-BRAN-OATS completely healthy. In pan cake mix Healthrich have three variants: Vanilla with Choco Chips, Organic Jaggery with Cinnamon, Carrot – Oats At the same time we have Thalipith Bhajani Mix which can be useful for tiffin/ snacks/ Dinner. It is made from twelve different grains, very healthy and tasty.

Even in Ready to Cook Dessert Healthrich have instant Moong Halwa made in pure cow ghee. You can make it in a minute and enjoy the taste of dessert.

This huge range of products not only makes our life easy but also saves time. With the decline of culinary skills or the paucity of time observed in the newer generations, RTC products are a must in day to day life.

Healthrich provides RTC products that are not only easy to make but are also preservative free and healthy. These products have a homemade taste and prevent you from being homesick. If you are planning for a trip outside your city or trekking in the hills, these are the products you would want to have in your bag. These products are a boon for people who love homemade food and feel that they are missing one of their essentials in life.

Healthrich Ready to Cook products are pocket friendly can be easily carried and do not occupy great space. Sealed off and packed with one of the higher standard technologies. These products are free from leaks, tear and wear and any type of spilling. This enables you to carry these products even in airplanes without any risk. Abroad studying students find these products extremely useful when they have examinations over the month or have submissions for those who are not proficient in cooking.

Healthrich Ready to Cook Products are easily available in Pune/Mumbai city in Maharashtra. Healthrich provides this range of products in these cities at one of the most reasonable rates. Healthrich Ready to Cook products save hostilities from their mess food or help them in having a wonderful day with a change in the taste of the food they have every day. Healthrich Ready to Cook products can be prepared within 2 minutes by providing heat in some form or other either by a gas stove, induction, microwave or kittle hot water.


Our satisfied customer says

Ready to Cook, No preservatives, No artificial Colours, Healthy and Tasty